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Ways to align your lifestyle to climate preparedness

1. Make better food choices

Making better food choices not only improves your health but also the GDP and climate change. Try to shift to vegan meals even if it means being a one-day-a-week-vegan. Consider this, animal protein is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and more. If more people made healthier food choices and got less ill, the need for the cost of health care would be driven down, and in the case of heart disease, the disease could be eliminated altogether in the perfect world.

Secondly, centralized animal farming is a significant contributor to green house gases. It also is a major cause of the destruction of our waterways due to the urine, feces, pesticides and fertilizers seeping into the ground water, lakes, and streams. And it just keeps growing as the human population grows requiring more forest land to be turned into mono-crop land necessary to feed more animals. It is simply unsustainable.

THE GAME CHANGERS - The Netfix documentary showing how a vegan lifestyle can improve your athletic performance as demonstrated by known olympic athletes, and how animal protein is not necessary in the human diet.



ACTION COACHING: It is hard to figure out what to make as a vegan meal you would enjoy. It takes planning and good recipes. Coaches help with planning, recipes and cooking demonstrations.

2. Make your own top soil and compost

KISS THE GROUND - The Netflix documentary shows how through our ignorance we have almost completely eroded a vital life support system which can threaten our own existence on this planet. To our advantage however, humans have the ability to restore it quicker than nature can do it on its own.

SQUARE FOOT GARDENING - our food is shipped from over 1,400 miles away. Would't it be nice to pick your produce in your own backyard? Eliminate the work, space, and cost of growing your own produce.


ACTION COACHING: An action coach can produce a workshop to present how to build a square foot garden, create top soil, and demonstrate a composting routine.

3. Temperature Control

  • programmable thermostats
  • weather proofing

ACTION COACHING: An action coach can provide product info and vendor sources and answer questions

4. Hurricane preparedness

ACTION COACHING: Accept hurricanes and weather disasters as a way of life to survive through them. Action coaches can help you create your plan to eliminate the stress of evacuation but also to come back early and be self-sustaining.

5. Alternative Energy

  • Solar panel roof system

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